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Get it removed: 15 minutes one day
Get it covered: 15 minutes every day


Sessions needed

Depending on the lesion


5 – 7 days

Procedure time

15 – 60 minutes


No required

What’s Skin Blemish Removal?

Do you have imperfections on your skin that you would like to get rid of? If you have any of the following, this treatment is just for you:

Are you aware that tolerating those annoying skin imperfections is entirely up to you? The decision is now yours, whether you want to continue concealing them or keep your skin clear of make-up and blemishes altogether.  I use a short wave diathermy technique, also known as advanced electrolysis. This procedure is completely safe, quick, easy, and effective, and it does not require any injections or incisions. I remove the skin tag using a very thin needle probe through which the heat of the electric current travels into the damaged tissue. You get immediate results and also permanent in most cases. It’s so versatile that it can get rid of nearly every blemish on your face or body. If you have any concerns about any imperfection, I can refer you to the appropriate specialist to get them examined. Get the blemish-free skin you’ve always wanted:

In just one quick session

Without leaving any scar

Long-term results

No surgery

You can go back to work immediately.

After your treatment, you will get full aftercare instructions. A follow-up session might be required to assess the healing of the treated areas and determine whether more treatments are needed.


A face to face consultation is the beginning of the journey. The information I collect there is intended to understand your conditions and goals better, allowing me to provide you with the most appropriate treatment plan. 

I also believe the combination of techniques gets the best results. So you will come out with your own and unique treatment plan.

In terms of Blemish Removal treatment:


A numbing cream is used topically 30 minutes before the procedure.


By using an electrolysis device with a tiny needle, I remove the entire lesion very superficially. Depending on your specific needs, the treatment might last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.


This quick procedure takes around five to ten minutes per blemish and causes minimal discomfort

The areas bothering you will have disappeared when you leave the Aesthetic clinic, and the results are usually permanent.

The length of the treatment is determined by the size and quantity of skin blemishes to be removed. It is so effective that it prevents skin tags from coming back. Most people can have the spots and lesions removed in a single quick session.

After the treatment, the treated area is likely to be more sensitive for a few days. It’s also possible to see some redness and swelling. 

It’s rare to see any scars at all. 

To help you minimise and manage any of these adverse effects, you will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions.