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About US

The centre of wellbeing where you can find evidence based cosmetic dermatology


About US

The centre of wellbeing where you can
find evidence based cosmetic
“My passion lies in helping people to achieve their skin and hair goals, so they can feel more confident.”

The founder of the clinic

We aim to provide services that meet the most recent scientific standards and produce outstanding cosmetic outcomes.

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Who can benefit from our
products and services?

People who are tired of experimenting with many skincare products from different high-street brands and want to stick to a healthy and simple skincare programme.

Those who prioritise active ingredients over packaging.

Individuals who realise that expecting “instant” results overnight is unrealistic.

Everyone who is willing to stick to a treatment program because they understand that long lasting and visible results require more than one session.

Hi, I’m SandRa

The founder of the clinic

– FdSc Degree in Healthcare Practice

– BSc Degree in Medical Cosmetology

– BSc Degree in Adult Nursing

Currently studying towards:

Pg Diploma in Aesthetics and MSc Clinical Dermatology

Proud member of:

– Royal College of Nursing,

– British Dermatological Nursing Group,

– British Association of Cosmetic Nurses,

– Primary Care Dermatology Society,

– Aesthetic Complications Expert Group and

– Tissue Viability Society

Someone’s smile is really satisfying; it’s speechless and truly rewarding. I can’t even describe how good the sensation is

Working in the medical and aesthetic fields has given me a wider perspective and expertise.

I truly believe that by improving your skin health and restoring your hair growth, you will gain self-confidence and enhance your quality of life. Trust me, that is life-changing!

I have exceeded the expectations of most of my patients by helping them become the greatest version of themselves. Just read here what some of my clients say.


My name is Sandra. I am an independent registered cosmetic dermatology nurse with one purpose; to be SKIN and HAIR specialist you could trust in order to age gracefully, I combine my extensive knowledge and extensive-based cosmetic treatments to achieve beautiful and natural-looking results.

I have spent the last 15 years working in some of London’s most prestigious Dermatology and Aesthetic clinics as well as NHS; as a Medical Aesthetician, Dermatology AP and now Dermatology Nurse.
I have been fortunate to assist,shadow and work alongside some of the UK’s most experienced GMC registered consultant dermatologists
we guarantee

Evidence based, FDA cleared non-invasive aesthetic procedures

PRP treatment * star treatment


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For more than two decades, PRP treatments have been used in medicine to treat burnt skin and sports injuries. We take this advantage to make people look younger and encourage hair regeneration.

PRP treatment speeds up the healing process by generating more cells, blood vessels, and tissue.

Scientific data suggests that concentrating your own plasma on the right components (growth factors) can help damaged tissue healing. 

I like it because no foreign substances are used; therefore, there is no risk of any adverse reaction. But also because Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is effective and safe.


If you want to feel more confident and enhance the quality of your skin and hair, then do not delay and schedule the initial skin consultation at US:KIN Aesthetic clinic today!


2. You can ask any questions you may have during your consultation, but feel free to email us info@uskinclinic.com if you have any further questions or unclear information later.

4. Before undergoing any skin procedure, you should prepare it with active corrective skincare. This will avoid unwanted reactions, but also help your skin respond faster to the treatment and get better results.

6. After your treatments or after purchasing the skincare, I will contact you to check how your skin is responding and if there is anything else I can do for you.

  1. After booking your initial consultation at US:KIN Aesthetic Clinic, unlike in other cosmetic practices, you will also receive a detailed recommendation on active skincare products in order to enhance the results of your in clinic treatments. US:KIN Aesthetic Clinic is the place where you are listened to and always get advice on your specific concerns.

3. You will receive bespoke recommendations on the unique program to improve your skin or hair issues and advise on the customized skincare routine to follow at home, in order to maximize your in clinic treatments.

You get a skincare prescription made just for you:
1. You have the products available for purchase at the US:KIN Aesthetic clinic.
2. Alternatively, you may use the online SHOP to purchase them.

To make it even easier for you, the products can be posted at your home or office.

5. To maintain the results we achieve at the Aesthetic clinic, you must continue to use advanced skincare at home.

* There is a £50 fee for the initial consultation consultation, which is redeemable for treatments or products.

* A £50 deposit is required to secure your appointment.

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Do you have any questions, want to book a consultation or would you like to find out more about the skin treatments or skincare?

Please send me a message here and I will get back to you within 48 hours.